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Title: Distractions
Pairing: Jonghyun/Key
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kibum takes pride in being able to turn him on so easily; Jonghyun, on the other hand, finds it ridiculous.
A/N: Too many WIPs, not enough energy, you know the drill. Anyway, this is shameless, shower PWP that I apparently needed to get out of my system lol. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Enjoy :B counter customizable

Kibum takes pride in being able to turn him on so easily; Jonghyun, on the other hand, finds it ridiculous.

It's not that he doesn't have the courage to admit it, he just doesn't want to be toyed with about the whole thing. It's quite unfair, if you ask him. But then again, that's probably what he gets for rooming with Kibum in the hotel in the first place. Damn Kibum's promises for super cool vibrating Japanese beds and showers so high-tech you will be thanking the designers.

"Damn them all," he mouths while wrapping the nearest white towel around his waist. His wet feet splash against the marble floor and soon his foggy reflection stares back at him through the large mirror above the sink. His palm comes up to clear up just a bit of the steam, and he can't even help the quiet hum that comes up his throat while he squeezes toothpaste onto his brush.

He hasn't even been brushing his teeth for more than fifteen seconds when the bathroom door opens to let Kibum in —without even knocking, too, mind you—, still in his pajamas and sleep-ruffled hair.

Kibum offers him a quick smile when Jonghyun looks at him from the corner of his eye, and proceeds to walking in like nobody's business. "Done with showering?" he lightly asks, somewhere off behind Jonghyun, and all the latter can do is nod, not giving up on his task. "Good?" he asks, and Jonghyun lifts his eyebrow at the sound of clothes rustling.

He turns his head around only to have his suspicions confirmed. He fixes a stripping Kibum with an are-you-for-real look, and the other just shrugs.

"Won't be the first time you see this," he replies, and that's really not what bugs Jonghyun. It's just that he can't get over how much Kibum enjoys playing with his brain. Because that's exactly what's going to be happening any minute now.

Kibum briefly brushes past him on his way to the shower, and Jonghyun has to force his hand to resume its previous job. Hold the toothbrush. Slow, circular motions.

The water next to him starts running, the door to the booth purposefully not even closed, and his eyes go back to the mirror.

"Mm, Jonghyun, this is so amazing," Kibum breaks his concentration. "I was totally right," he adds, quite proud.

He doesn't reply, intent on proving his mental strength, and his silence probably urges Kibum to act even more efficiently. Naturally, he moans. Naturally, Jonghyun's southern regions seem rather interested.

And then, random droplets of hot water hit his face and upper torso.

"Damn, so sorry," Kibum says, not even sounding like it, and Jonghyun decides that putting the toothbrush down as it is and hastily rinsing his mouth is the best option right now.

"Kibum," he says, turning to him, and his voice sounds like a mix of suppressed frustration and about three kinds of warnings.

"Yes?" Kibum asks in reply, turned to the side and half-bending, his right hand busy with massaging his calf. The look on his face is so challenging it could make Jonghyun do just about anything.

Honestly? Jonghyun only wants to wipe it off. The thing is, Kibum is most probably challemging him to do just that.

So, well, he accepts.

He accepts with a flick of his wrist which successfully undoes the towel around his waist, and an expression that hopefully reads two can play the game. Or something.

Kibum straightens up, his eyebrows rising softly. "But I thought you just showered?" he asks, neck craning just enough to keep the running water away from his face — and show off even more skin, if that is possible at this point.

"I thought I should give it another try," Jonghyun replies and adds a short nod before walking closer and stepping into the booth. He makes sure the door closes this time, and the fact that the space suddenly becomes so limited, the clear glass around them restricting yet not shutting everything else out, is strangely alluring.

"Oh?" is all that Kibum says, finally flashing him a grin as Jonghyun steps under the shower head with him. "Not sure we'll fit, though," he says before letting his arms come to rest on Jonghyun's shoulders.

"We will," Jonghyun reassures him with a sly smile as he gets even closer, hands wrapping themselves around Kibum's hips and head leaning forward for a kiss. It's wet, slow and lazy, but it proves to be just the warm-up when it actually gets to involve friskier tongues and stronger grips. Jonghyun feels Kibum's moves synchronise with his own, when gradually it just stops.

Kibum withdraws, leaving Jonghyun's lips half-open and lingering. When the latter's eyes open, he sees Kibum smirking.

There's only a groan on Jonghyun's part before he dips in again, searching for a kiss. Kibum gives it to him only to take it back again, and when the denied kisses become one too many, Jonghyun can't find any other solution but step forward; bring Kibum up against the glass wall, get his fingers around his throat. Trap him there as much as possible.

And Kibum moans, much to his delight. He moans when their cocks meet and Jonghyun forces him to comply, even though it's no secret that he doesn't need any convincing.

Kibum hisses at the sudden contact with the cold surface behind him, his back arching, chest rising up against the other's and Jonghyun wants. He wants him so much, so much he believes any make-out session pales in comparison.

Jonghyun's palms slide down, down to Kibum's torso, and his mouth travels lower, sucking and biting and kissing his neck. Kibum sighs, then, hands in Jonghyun's hair, just enjoying the moment and attention.

A few seconds and presses of lips later, Jonghyun finds himself just below Kibum's bellybutton. The water falling down his back is still warm, and his knees don't even complain about coming in contact with the tile underneath him. Not that it would matter to him if they did.

With a glance upwards, he can see Kibum looking at him, his eyes half-lidded and mouth open to emit soft pants and whispered requests.

Jonghyun seems to listen to all of them, and his fingers wrap around Kibum, slowly stroking the base as his lips leave pecks all over the rest of his length. He isn't an egoist, but he doesn't really want to give Kibum what he wants immediately.

"Jonghyun..." he hears Kibum call and feels the hands on his head tense but doesn't cave in. Instead, he continues teasing until Kibum groans. "Just get up here."

And Jonghyun does.

Kibum doesn't waste time, hands finding Jonghyun's cock and lips locking with the other's again. For once, Jonghyun is satisfied to read desperation and need in Kibum's kiss. It feels like, just for this one time, it's him calling the shots, not Kibum, and Jonghyun feeds off from that sense of power.

As the motions of Kibum's hand become quicker, though, harsher and snappier, Jonghyun breaks the kiss to lightly pant into the other's mouth, and Kibum swallows every puff of air with pecks.

"Stop," he softly instructs, his palm closing around Kibum's wrist. He gets a slightly confused look in return, which turns understanding when he adds, "Turn around."

Kibum complies with practically no delay, hands soon coming up against the glass in front of him and head turning to look over his shoulder with impatience. For a second, Jonghyun wonders if all this isn't just a game; if it was simply initiated because Kibum genuinely needed him. The thought makes his ribcage fire up with something much deeper than want.

"Hey," he whispers, lips puckering against the corner of Kibum's shoulder, hands sliding down towards his hips.

"Hey yourself," Kibum replies with a tinge of humour and amusement in his voice, not hiding a quirk of lips. "Are you going to fuck me or what?" he tries to playfully spit out, but only ends up sounding needy.

Jonghyun chuckles as he gets closer, flush against the lines of Kibum's back. "You mean make love to you," he corrects, all too smug.

Kibum fakes a huff. "If that works for you," is all he says in reply before turning his head forward, and Jonghyun can see the corner of his cheek tightening. He's smiling. He really is, but it turns out to not really matter when he pushes against Jonghyun's groin.

Kibum's grunt is joined by Jonghyun's breathy response, and the latter soon feels Kibum shiver when he withdraws. He hears him whisper, probably something urging him back, but he notices how he goes silent when Jonghyun loudly pops the cap of the nearest available container open.

Moments later, after a few lustful hisses and even more quiet moans on Kibum's part, the only thing Jonghyun needs to go ahead is a whispered do it, short and meaningful. Jonghyun clutches Kibum's hips again and softly sinks his teeth into the other's shoulder before thrusting in for the first time.

He hears him exhale loudly, and he can't tell what exactly made him react this way, so he does everything all over; his jaw tightens, his lips start sucking, and his hips snap in and out. The sound Kibum emits makes him feel he's won a prize.

"Like it?" he asks as soon as he lets Kibum's reddened flesh free —bright teeth marks looking so beautiful on porcelain-white skin—, and his motions never stop, almost challenging Kibum to speak.

"You know I do," Kibum rasps out, his knuckles white against the glass and his ass thrusting backwards only to meet Jonghyun halfway.

"Not convinced," Jonghyun teases, milking his chance for all it's worth, and his moves become quicker, harder. The water falling onto his back is becoming lukewarm.

Never failing him, though, Kibum lets out half a laugh before being interrupted by moans. Delicious, generous moans that prove Jonghyun a point. He's more than pleased, but the feeling is not even half as satisfying as Kibum tightening around him.

The other's head falls forward, the top of his forehead meeting the wall in front of him, and his eyes close in pleasure. Jonghyun's past the point of being gentle right now, not even measuring his power, and Kibum loves it. It's rough without being painful, and it's desperate enough to confirm how much he's needed. It's just right. "Fuck!"

Jonghyun's panting hard by now, matching Kibum's throaty replies. His left hand leaving Kibum's hips, it reaches around him, doing quick work on the other's cock while his right forearm comes up against Kibum's throat.

He hears a surprised exclamation. It's welcoming, from what he gathers, and if Kibum's head being thrown back is any indication, Jonghyun has discovered a new kink.

He tightens his chokehold for a second.

Kibum lets out a broken moan.

"Yeah?" Jonghyun asks mid-thrust, and Kibum seems to be fighting for a half-decent nod. His lips are parted open, body weak, but Jonghyun doesn't mind it at all. He can't bring himself to complain about holding Kibum's weight on his own, about thrusting the best he can or pumping Kibum's length in sync with his moves. It all means power to him.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Kibum manages to groan, tightening around Jonghyun, and it assures the latter he's close. In turn, Jonghyun tries to cover his mouth with his own, with a bit of help from Kibum, and it only lasts for a few seconds before Kibum climaxes.

It's grand, all too intense and wet, and the way Kibum's legs shake makes Jonghyun worry they're both going to slip. Instead of slipping, Jonghyun simply comes.

All they do for the following moments is stand there, now slumping against the fogged-up glass wall, limbs weak, skin flushed. The few droplets that manage to reach Jonghyun's back are cold.

"Ah, fuck," Kibum breaks the silence after a bit, almost chuckling, and Jonghyun recognises a lazy grin on the other's lips.

"Profound," he replies, his palms gently sliding towards Kibum's back before he pulls out. He really, really feels satisfied with himself. He believes he has every right to do so, anyway.

Turning the shower head off, he hastily runs his hand through his hair once and steps out of the booth. He feels Kibum's eyes on him. Stealing a quick glance of himself in the mirror, what he sees is a winner. It's goofy, but it's true.

He tries to ignore the wet footsteps next to him and reaches for his toothbrush again.

"Jonghyun?" Kibum calls before nonchalantly climbing onto the marble counter next to the sink. When Jonghyun turns to look at him while rinsing his toothbrush, he finds out Kibum doesn't really look all that shaky. Actually, he's more than fine; thoroughly done, but fine.

Jonghyun stares at him for a few seconds.

Kibum rests most of his weight on his hands, flat against the counter, and spreads his legs. His eyes sparkle challengingly.

Jonghyun can almost hear the brush in his palm scream at him in disbelief as he throws it into the sink.

Ah, screw it.

Tags: !standalone, f: shinee, p: jonghyun/key
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